At Kanopia Consulting we specialise in helping businesses discover, align, design and deliver the software solution that best meets their needs. An outcome we accomplish through the following steps:

  • Understanding your problems and goals
  • Analysing your needs and possible solutions
  • Driving positive change in your business
  • Facilitating cross functional collaboration in your organisation
  • Investigating and clarifying your desires for moving your business forward

All of which culminate in identifying the right software solution for your business, balancing the needs of users with supporting processes and technology against the risk of change. Our primary purpose is to recognise the destination you intend for your business and equip you with the right technological tools to get you there. We take the time to understand the “As-Is” state, capturing key processes, analysing requirements to enable the subsequent creation of the “To-Be” state while at the same time working collaboratively with internal Information Technology teams or departments to identify software solutions that best align with the strategy of the business. A key part of our service offering to our clients is to assess the performance of and value delivered by the software currently in use by the business and take steps to help either remove those barriers and constraints that are preventing the full realization of the value in the current system or propose a new software solution, if the current one is deemed inadequate or outdated. Our passion is to understand your business needs and together help you discover how those needs can be met by clearly defining the best software solution that resolves those needs. We will also help you where required to collaboratively put together a business case, clarifying the potential and expected commercial benefits to be derived from any proposed software solution, highlighting the anticipated Return on Investment.