Kanopia Consulting also provide a complete E-commerce, E-business and E-strategy business solution.There is more to a website than just building one!

We are committed to helping our clients not only build a GREAT website but also enable them get the best out of their online adventure. Delivering on increased New Customer Acquisition, better Conversion Rates and a solid Return on Investment.   “Build it and they will come” is a famous saying in one of Hollywoods’ famous movies but when it comes to ecommerce and in particular websites this saying does not always hold true.

Our team at Kanopia Consulting is committed to helping our clients maximise the potential of their business through leveraging the opportunities presented by the internet.

From building an effective and great website to crafting and executing a powerful strategy for the online world, we will see to your business success by getting eyes on your website and money into your bank account. This is our overriding objective as a business.

Contact us today to start your exciting journey to business success online.

What is:

All electronically mediated transactions between an organisation and a third party. The third party could be an individual or another business.

Transformation of a key business process using internet technology e.g. Marketing, inbound and outbound logistics.

Developing and executing a plan of action to achieve an organisations’ online aim and objectives using the appropriate technology.