About Us

“Helping you discover the right software solution for your business”

Kanopia Consulting specialise in helping our clients find the right software solution to run their business processes.

What do we do?
Our services offering include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Business Process Design
    Most businesses do not know the steps required or to take to achieve a specific business objective.
    We sit down with our clients to design the cheapest, fastest and easiest way for them to reach their desired destination.
  2. Business Process Mapping
    While some businesses know the steps to take to achieve their objectives in most cases these steps are not clearly defined and outlined.
    We help our clients define and outline those steps diagrammatically. This way it becomes easy to see the actual steps taken in any given process.
  3. Business Process Re-Engineering
    Is all about Optimisation! Getting from point A to B in the most efficient way and in the fewest possible steps, saving time and money in the process.
    We help our clients critically evaluate all the activities involved in any given process with the aim of ensuring that these are carried out in the best possible way for the business.
    If the answer to the efficiency question is negative, we engage with our clients in re-designing these processes thereby ensuring they are executed effectively and efficiently.
  4. Business Systems Solution Envisioning, Design and Implementation
    Once we help our clients understand their needs and expertly document their processes, one of our major core competences is our ability to source the right software solution that best suits the processes outlined during what we call the discovery phase.
    Our experience in working with various third party suppliers and exposure to a wide range of software put us in a unique position, able to match the right software to meet the needs of your business.
    Our core value of going the extra mile means we won’t just recommend a software and then leave you to it, No, we will stand by you, holding your hand and providing the confidence and peace of mind you require during the implementation phase of the project.
  5. Business Process Documentation
    It’s all in the detail is a very popular saying. Whatever is not captured cannot be repeated. The best way to achieve consistency and business continuity is to have all processes clearly written, documented and accessible to all staff.
    We assist our clients in clearly documenting and storing their business processes. Making it easily accessible to staff for referencing as and when required.
  6. Business Process Manual Creation
    Some businesses find compiling a manual tedious and sometimes problematic. Not us, we delight in assisting our clients produce clear, concise manuals for each department, business area or unit.
    In the event of the proverbial “under the bus” scenario, it means no one is indispensable, able to hold the business to ransom or cause disruption to business operations.
    Since each process, activity, task and step has been clearly documented it means any one will be able to easily slot in to the position and carry out the associated duties and responsibilities of the role.
    At Kanopia Consulting because we are neither committed to any one specific software vendor nor are we under any obligation or commitment to push a specific software on our clients. We are therefore able to offer Impartial, Unbiased recommendations on the right software solution for our clients’ business.


Additional Service Offering

We also provide our clients with a comprehensive E-Commerce solutions for their business. Please see our E-Commerce Page for more information.